1. Hey Posterous! What happened to the page redirects between my own posterous websites?


    I just noticed that Posterous has deactivated the Page Redirects between my own Posterous websites. What do I mean? Well, I use Instagram. I love it. I love it so much I created the spinstagram.posterous.com blog. There is a minor issue though, Instagram only lets you post to you main blog. My main blog is spyros.posterous.com. For months now this has been only a minor issue, as I mentioned before. I just posted directyly to my spyros.posterous.com blog and then I moved the post from that posterous site to spinstagram.posterous.com. Posterous took care of the redirects and all my cross networking links still worked. For example a post I posted originaly at http://spyros.posterous.com/good-morning-810 when moved to spinstagram.posterous.com would automatically redirect to http://spinstagram.posterous.com/good-morning-810. 


    Something has changed now!

    All the latest photos DON’T redirect anymore but instead they just link to a 404 Error Page.

    So I want to say I am sorry if I have been posting bad links lately. It is not my fault but it is because Posterous cancelled the redirects.

    Posterous, what’s up? Is there a way to have my sites work like before? I want my redirects back please!

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